COLD SPRING -- The Cold Spring police department is hoping to add body cameras later this year.

During Tuesday's city council meeting, the council will hold a public hearing discussing whether to allow officers to wear the cameras while on duty.

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Police Chief Jason Blum says they've been considering adding body cameras to their department for several years.

Each officer will have a body camera signed too them. The plan is to order 13 body cameras, we have 11 full-time officers and a few part-time spots.

Blum says the cameras will turn on when they activate the lights in their squad cars, which will help them document evidence better during traffic stops.

He says all the footage would be stored and be held for at least 90 days unless the video is being used for evidence.

Blum says they budgeted $8,000 per year for the next five years to cover the cost of the cameras. The police department was also awarded a matching federal micro-grant to cover half of the overall cost.

Blum says if all goes well they hope to have the cameras in roughly 12 weeks.


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