Each weeknight from 8-Midnight I feature up and coming artists or artists we know with new songs being released and I give them the “spotlight.”

Tonight’s ClubMix Spotlight features an a capella group you may have seen on E! Tonight we give the spotlight to, Overtone.

Overtone got their start in South Africa in 2006, but their come to fame story is amazing! In 2009 they were performing a Queen Tribute in Cape Town, South Africa, when Clint Eastwood's wife Dina happened to walk in on their performance. They were in town filming Clint's movie, Invictus. Long story short, Dina is their manager and they now life with the Eastwood Family in California.

Not only is Clint like a father figure to them now, check out the interview on what the guys are up to, including a new reality show on E! Let's all give a warm Central Minnesota welcome to Overtone!

Overtone Interview Part 1

Overtone - Nothing Else Matters

Overtone Interview Part 2

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