ST. CLOUD -- A canoe launch, beer garden, splash pad, ice skating rink, island play area and much more is being considered for St. Cloud's Riverwalk.

After doing a survey last December, the city has developed four designs for the Riverwalk that would connect the Beaver Island Trail and Hester Park.

St. Cloud Planning and Community Development Director Matt Glaseman says only one design doesn't include moving 5th Avenue North.

"Well there's actually four concepts, one where it just leaves 5th where it is in place today and there are three concept that look at if we were to move 5th Avenue what could you do with the open space between the road and the river."

The first design, Alternative A and the other three designs include a canoe and kayak launch, play area/shade area, touch point/trail and fishing pier.

City of St. Cloud

Adding to the those features, the second design, Alternative B also includes a water sports facility and flexible lawn.

City of St. Cloud

The third design, Alternative C is an island concept featuring stone stacker steps, ice skating on the channel and play area on the island.

City of St. Cloud

Alternative D is the most elaborate of the designs featuring a beer garden, nature play area, stone shoreline, splash pad, storm water education area, outdoor classroom, wetland, flex lawn/ice skating rink, restaurant/cafe, river stairs and direct access to the Mississippi River from Cathedral High School.

City of St. Cloud


Glaseman says each design has it's benefits and would help represent St. Cloud as a community that takes pride in having the Mississippi River in it's backyard.

"For the last six or 10 years we've been really trying to re-embrace St. Cloud, re-embrace the river and brand ourselves as a river community. This is another attraction that will cause people to realize that."

In June, a final presentation of the designs will be given to the city council, then the council will be able to adopt a master plan. Construction on the project is expected to begin in 2019.