A month ago I went down to Lakeville MN to do a video on Save a Fox, a fur farm rescue facility that is run by one woman with a big heart.  Our friend Mikayla Raines rescues, tends to, and adopts out foxes that are rescued from fur farms all over the United States. . Her mission is to educate people on fur farms and create awareness. 

The city of Lakeville believes she is violating the terms of interim use permit which allows Mikayla to have the animals. Last week Save a Fox was notified that the city was taking steps towards reconsidering her permit. The permit she currently has says that their enclosure can't be more than 140 square feet and hold more than three foxes. Right now Mikalya has seven in her care, but she said herself that 90% of them get adopted out. Now is the time of year she takes in babies and makes sure they are ready to be adopted out.

The Lakeville city council were expected to make decisions on this matter Monday night. There is still no word yet on what happened at their meeting last night but ultimately it would have to go to a planning commission hearing, and they would offer their recommendation on if her permit should be revoked.

We will keep you updated as we learn more! We hope Mikayla will be able to keep doing her work with the foxes and educating people on fur farms and animal rehabilitation!

Read more on the WCCO website.

Mikayla and Abbey hanging out with her foxes