Today is Cino De Mayo and in honor of the holiday we've put together some fast facts!

  • Cino De Mayo is NOT Mexico's independence day. May 5 is celebrated as the day in 1862 that the Mexican Army defeated French forces in the Battle of Puebla. (Mexico's independence day is celebrated on September 16.)
  • The Mexican Army was dramatically outnumbered and victory was not in their favor. It was a huge surprise when they won.
  • Cinco De Mayo is the Americanized celebration of the victory that started in California. It's not as widely celebrated in Mexico.
  • Today's traditions include parades, mariachi music and street festivals.
  • In 2013, USA Today called St. Paul, Minnesota one of the ten best places to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. 
Now that you know some of the history, go celebrate!

(History Channel)