I first saw this story today when a friend took a picture of their newspaper and put the photo on social media. It was a photo of a rather odd obituary. It read;

Redwood Gazette in the Legacy section. I'm surprised the paper allowed this obituary through the gate. The obituary was written by the the deceased person Kathleen Dehmlow's (Schunk) children Gina and Jay. It claims that Kathleen had a child with her husband Dennis's brother Lyle. Then she abandoned the two other children she had with Dennis to move to California. The obituary ends with, "She will not be missed by Gina and Jay ... the world is a better place without her."

I don't know Gina or Jay but it sounds like they've got a lot of anger that they're still working through.

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Not only is this real, but it's gone viral. USA Today, News Hub, Fox News and other major news outlets have all picked up the story.  Yikes! I feel like I can safely say that this is perhaps every parent's worst nightmare...their children hating them to the bitter end.

Do you think the children went too far?

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