According to KSTP, the Inver Grove Heights Police are warning residents about a recent child luring incident that happened in the community. The news outlet is reporting two girls were in their neighborhood when a driver pulled up and demanded they get into his van. KSTP also reports that police have increased patrols in that area.


With children heading back to school soon, it's important you talk to them about strangers. Do your children know what to do if they're ever approached by strangers? Talk to your children and go over a safety plan with them. 

  • Make sure your children know which adults they can trust, establish who a stranger is.
  • Don't put your child's name all over their bodies and belongings...children are more likely to trust people who know their name.
  • If your child is being followed, tell them to run in the opposite direction.
  • Tell your kids to scream out things that would scare off a potential abductor. Phrase like, "who are you", "Help", "Leave me alone" are good ones to use.
  • Establish a code word and only give the code to people whom your child can trust
  • Tell your child to make a scene, even if that means breaking normal rules like swearing, hitting, kicking, and breaking things to get people's attention.
  • Role-play to teach, not to scare.
  • Avoid using scary statements.
  • Repeat these rules often to serve as a reminder for your child.

These tips could save your child's life. If you see suspicious activity, it's important to act fast and immediately call the authorities.


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