I'm not a Packers fan, just an objective football fan.  I have a lot of respect for both teams in this year's Super Bowl.  But there are a few factors going into this week, that make me very sure Green Bay will win.

The Packers have been absolutely flawless for about 2 months.  While the offense gets the lion's share of the attention, the defense was fantastic all year long.  Recently, Green Bay has been dominating opponents statistically, and beating them impressively.  The Steelers have not.  In both playoff games, the Steelers played one good half, and one terrible half.  Their offense is extremely inconsistent, often needing help from the referees just to move the ball.  If the Steelers only show up for a half on Sunday- they are going to get killed.

Another thing to remember, is that Pittsburgh LIVES off of intimidating their opponents.  They have been dominating many of their AFC rivals for a long time, and many teams have a certain 'fear' of the Steelers - especially when playing IN Pittsburgh.  But Green Bay does NOT fall into this category.  These teams don't play each other very often, and the last time they did, it was a shootout.  The Packers scored 38 POINTS IN PITTSBURGH!  The Steelers won that game, but Aaron Rodgers did not leave Heinz Field that day fearing the "Steel Curtain", I assure you.

Finally, it must be noted that the Steelers offensive line is in rough shape right now because of injuries.  They are going to have a very hard time protecting Ben Roethlisberger.  They won't be able to run much on the Packers either, so I really don't know where the offensive production is going to come from.

The Steelers "D" will keep them in the game - but eventually the Packers will score some points.  I'm not so sure that the Steelers offense, however, will ever get going.

There will be more field goals than touchdowns.  There will be a lot of punts, and not a lot of big plays.  Sound boring?  Not if you're a Packers fan....23-13, Pack!