Toy Car Estate Sale

I wish I was a collector of something, but I sadly don't have a collection of anything unless you count my old Beanie Baby or Pokemon card collection when I was a child. But, there's an estate sale happening at the end of May for someone that took collecting to a new level.


The sale features one of the largest collections of vintage toys and pedal cars in the state of Minnesota. According the site Estate Sales, there's over 15,000 individual items that'll be priced to sell. The items will be sold as is with all sales final.

So, when is this huge sale happening? It'll be taking place May 24th through May 27th between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. in Remer, Minnesota.

You'll have to wait until the day of the sale to find out how much each item will be selling for. So, if you're into collecting vintage toy cars, Remer will be the place to be.

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