I always think that staying at an Airbnb sounds like fun. How about staying on a houseboat on the Mississippi river?

Photo by Sheila (Host), Airbnb

You can actually rent "Miss Guided" for two nights to a week, and be the Captain of the boat. If you don't feel comfortable driving a big houseboat down the Mississippi River, they will have someone come and take you down the river, anchor it for an evening, and come back the next day to float down the river to a new location for the next day; it's completely up to you.

Photo by Sheila (Host), Airbnb

The "Miss Guided" sleeps up to 6 guests and you have access to the entire boat. You can captain from the upper bridge or inside. The houseboat has a large sleeping area below the deck, and the main cabin has two big sitting areas that turn into beds.

Photo by Sheila (Host), Airbnb
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There is also a full kitchen including a full size refrigerator, stove and oven; plus a gas grill. Of course, there's also a bathroom on the boat. It wouldn't be prudent to have all this luxury and then make you pee in a bucket.

Photo by Sheila (Host), Airbnb

On the outdoor upper deck, there is huge sitting area, where you can just relax with friends and family, and enjoy the great views of the Mississippi River.

"Miss Guided" goes for $300 a night, and has a rating of 4.82. Can't get much better than that.

Photo by Sheila (Host), Airbnb

To access the houseboat, you'll be heading to Brainerd. The houseboat is hosted by Sheila; who is rated as a Super Host. A Super Host rating is the best rating you can get from Airbnb, and means that Sheila is an experienced host, and will make sure that you have a great time on your houseboat vacation.

To book "Miss Guided" and find out about available dates left this summer, just go to www.airbnb.com. You'll be able to contact Sheila if you have questions, and book your fun exciting houseboat trip.

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