I love ice cream! Now that the weather is getting warmer, many people will be heading to their local ice cream shops to enjoy a sweet treat...even, shall we say, the un-living?

There's a Dairy Queen in St. Anthony, Minnesota that's allegedly haunted by the spirits of children. Of course, who else would haunt a DQ?

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According to the site Haunted Places, employees have heard the sounds of children laughing, things falling, orders printing after close, etc. Apparently it's a pretty freaky place at night.

Cold spots have also been felt by employees...but, I mean, it is DQ. It's cold there by nature. Employees have also heard their names called out just to find there's no one there.

So, why would ghosts decide to haunt the DQ of all places? Well, the theory is, spirits from the huge graveyard across the street might be the reason. That'll do it.

Have you ever eaten at this DQ. Comment below!

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