For anyone who thought Charlie Sheen was done and couldn't come back.... once again you were wrong!  The premiere of his new hit comedy "Anger Management" on FX drew an estimated 5.5 million viewers last Thursday night.  It was immediately followed up by a second episode that attracted 5.7 million viewers.

Those numbers are enough to make it the most watched debut in FX's history.  It was also the most watched "Scripted Prime-Time Comedy Series" in cable history!  Now granted those are not the numbers Charlie delivered on Two and a Half Men for CBS, but for cable, this is a great start for Mr. Sheen.    If this streak continues, FX will sign off on production of 90 more episodes over the next two years.  On another note, I love that he cast his ex wife and my crush Denise Richards in this new series as well.  Its great to see them back together in some capacity and now refer to each other as "best friends."