Summer is coming up and soon the kiddos are going to be begging you to take them swimming! After all, it's one of our favorite Minnesota past times. Before you take your kids to the pool, you should know the signs of drowning because they aren't the typical signs you'd think based on what you've probably seen on TV.

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The website Soundings Online actually paints a very different picture of what drowning actually looks like. Someone who is drowning usually isn't splashing around and screaming. It's actually more of a silent thing that parents might be completely oblivious to. Here's what the site says you should be looking for;

  • Head low in the water perhaps mouth at water level
  • The victim's head tilted back with their mouth open
  • Eyes that are glossy or unable to focus...maybe even eyes closed
  • Hair that covers someone's forehead or eyes
  • Not using their legs
  • Someone hyperventilating or gasping
  • Trying to swim in a direction but victim doesn't seem to make headway
  • The victim trying to roll onto their back
  • It might even look like the victim is trying to climb an invisible latter

If you're ever not sure if you see someone drowning, ask them if they are OK. If you don't get a response then something is wrong and you need to take immediate action. The site also mentions that kids are typically loud when they are playing in water. If kids are quiet then something is most definitely wrong. Keep a good eye on your children at all times and make sure that they are under adult supervision whenever they are swimming. Check in with them often and don't let them swim alone.

There are a few swim schools in central Minnesota to help teach your child to become a stronger swimmer. You can get your child in a swimming program as early as 6 months old at some places.

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