Matthew Breiter is a photographer from Long Prairie, MN. He runs Matthew Breiter Photography and he does some really great work involving nature. His Northern Lights pictures have been featured across multiple news casts in Minnesota, and he has won awards from Photographers Forum Magazine, and been published by USA Today and National Geographic

On Oct. 10th he went up to Duluth to capture some of the waves hitting the shoreline and got some really great photos. Here are a few of them from the day.

Chocolate Milk in Two Harbors

This was my first stop of the day as the waves started to get larger. The breakwall was working overtime today.



My favorite thing he captured would have to be the video of the waves crashing over the sides of cliffs. I knew they were big but seeing them go over the top of a cliff really puts it into perspective.

Thanks for letting me share these pictures Matthew! If you are interested in prints of any of them or want to see his other work, check out his Facebook page and website! 

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