My wife and I may just be responsible for one of the coolest beer collaborations to happen to a Minnesota brewery.

Last summer, my wife and I visited Iceland on a four-country Europe tour. While there, we discovered a microbrewery named Aegir Brugghus, which we found cool as there's an Aegir Brew Co. in Elk River, MN!

"Guys!," we shared on our social media platforms, "There’s an @aegirbrugghus in Iceland! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to actually visit ourselves, but we thought that was pretty cool considering there’s one back home practically in our back yard. If you can’t make it to Iceland for a beer, at least make the trip to @aegirbrewco in Elk River, MN!"

Well, the guys from Aegir Brewing Elk River just posted a photo to Facebook showing them in Iceland to collaborate with Aegir Brugghus there!

"This is the first of many post to come from our week here in Reykjavik, Iceland! We are here to do our first collaboration brew with our friends at Ægir Brugghús."

At this point, there's not much more to say. But my wife and I can't help but wonder -- are we about to be responsible for one of the coolest brewery collaborations...? We'd certainly like to think so!

Full Disclosure: my wife and I do run a beer blog titled Ale Adventures. The first photo above of Aegir Brewing in Elk River is ours; you can also follow us at

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