Frozen pizza.  It's really come a long way.  It used to be that we had about two choices.  And neither one of them could even kind of compare to a pizza that you would get from a regular pizzeria. Frozen pizza used to be so gross.  I mean seriously.  Those pizzas that you can get five for $5.  They are still available too... and just consider that you really do get what you pay for in some cases.

But - frozen pizza can be pretty good, now.  Granted, fresh pizza from an actual pizzeria that you have delivered or you eat it in the restaurant will always be best. As for frozen pizza - here is what you said were the best ones.

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And the number one frozen pizza according to people in the St. Cloud area is.... (Drum roll)


And guess what - they are produced right here in Central Minnesota.  Milaca, to be more accurate.  As far as the flavor that you prefer, that varied.

The next most popular frozen pizza came in as...


Those flavors of pizzas also varied as to what everyone liked the best.


My favorite Pizza Corner pizza is the Canadian bacon flavor, and I can't find that one anywhere anymore. Obviously I was one of the only people that really liked that flavor. Oops.


Kwik Trip is great because you can get them just as take and bake or buy them by the slice.  Several choices of flavors as well.

The other pizzas that people in the St. Cloud area loved varied between several brands.  And yes, some people liked those 5 for $5 Totino's pizzas. Otherwise known as party pizzas.  I personally think those things are like cardboard, well, no accounting for taste.

Check out the responses here

What's for dinner tonight?  PIZZA!!

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