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Scooby Doo & Spiderman Coming To St. Cloud Soon!
MIX 94.9 is always glad to be out at Joe Faber Field with the St. Cloud Rox - and coming up very soon, are a couple of nights that you won't want to miss.
I can't even tell you how long I've been a fan of Scooby Doo.  OK, I've always had a bit of a crush on Daphne, but that&a…
Father’s Day Is Getting Close!
What does the average American dad in Minnesota want this year for Father's day?
The answer surprised me, though I am much simpler and more "low tech" than most guys, to be sure.
Danny Elfman Has Been A Mainstay In Pop Culture For Decades!
You know how some birthdays make you feel old?
Well, today Danny Elfman turned 59 years old - do you know who he is?  Because we all should.  He is way up there, and has been for quite some time.  I will explain.
Most people nowadays recognize him as the guy wrote the theme for &quo…
What Memorial Day Is Really About!
Memorial Day is very important.  When you realize, and understand, its meaning - there is no question that Memorial Day probably does not get it's just due.
It should mean a lot more than just a "day off".
Memorial Day is now a federal holiday, observed each year on the las…
The One Thing No Man Wants To Do!
Ladies - listen to me, and listen to me GOOD!
There is one thing that you absolutely CANNOT try and force your man to do against his will.
A study from scientists at Stanford University, claims that men, in general - are not capable of going on a successful DIET (Daily Mail)...
News That All Moms Probably Know!
Apparently, there IS a big advantage to waiting until you're a bit older, to have kids.  But wait until you're in your 40's?  That seems a bit too long, maybe, to me.
But I am certainly no expert on being a mother.
A study from the University of Virginia claims that children b…
Celebrate Memorial Day At The Benton Station!
In case you weren't aware - we have a three day weekend approaching.  This Monday is Memorial Day, which means you probably don't work.  That also means that you are free to go out and have some fun on Sunday night!
What I'm getting to (albeit in a roundabout kind of way) is …
Are You A Facebook Addict? Let’s Find Out!
Facebook is a big part of the lives of people all over the world.  People of every nationality, of every language, and certainly any and every age, are on Facebook.
And it is pretty easy to decipher who those folks are, that take their "facebooking" very seriously...
Tri County Humane Society Puts On A Great Show!
Ever since I have been in St. Cloud - it has been very important to me, that my show - as well as me personally - am involved with the Tri County Humane Society.  Last Friday night, I was lucky enough to represent MIX 94.9 at the Tri County Humane Society's "Wine, Kibbles &…
Kentucky Derby 101
The 138th running of The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, and even if you are not a big fan of horse racing, the Derby is always an event worth watching.
Did you know that The Kentucky Derby is the most popular sporting event in the world, every year...

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