Last night the Miss America Pageant was held in Atlantic City and Miss America 2018 was crowned! Our neighbors to the North West took home the title this year, and Cara Mund from North Dakota is the new Miss America!

For the pageant, the contestants compete in different categories like talent, interview, evening wear, and swim suit. Last night during the interview, Miss Texas was asked what she thinks Mr. America contestants would compete in. That got the gears in my head turning. Here is what I think Miss Minnesota contestants should have to compete in!

Hot Dish Cooking Contest - This should account for a solid 30% of their score. Hot dish is a staple in this state and if you can't make a good one, you don't deserve the crown.

Hunting Wear - A camo and blaze orange fashion show. Seems fitting for Minnesota.

Fishing contest - Put those swim suits to use and spend some time on the lake! The girl with the biggest fish gets the most points!

Winter Talent Competition - Who can scrape their windshield the fastest, set up a fish house the most efficiently, or jump a snowmobile. Unique talents that are state specific!

State Fair Scavenger Hunt - Send the contestants into the Great Minnesota Get Together with a list of things to find and take pictures of. Give them points based on how fast they finish!

What would you have Miss Minnesota compete in? Leave it in the comments below!

Also, here is the trailer for the best movie ever about a beauty pageant in Minnesota!



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