March Madness officially kicks off today, and it seems like everywhere I turn I see another bracket that needs to be filled out, or a pool that someone wants me to go in on. No wonder its estimated that there will be a $4 billion national loss in revenue from unproductive employees!

I personally try to avoid completing  a bracket as much as possible, mainly because I just embarrass myself with how poorly its filled out. This year though I did find a March Madness tournament that I am genuinely interested in! is letting people vote for the strangest name of the year! All the contestants are real people that have shown up in random news stories over the past year. Example names include: Charol Shakeshaft, Tillman Buttersack, and Furious Carney.

Last years winner was a woman named Amanda Miranda Panda, and this year I am pulling for Duffy McSwiggin.

You can cast your vote for the name of the year here! Whats the weirdest real name you know of? Leave a comment below!