What's truly left to say about Cassadee Pope's uber successful season on 'The Voice?' Nothing, really. The girl is poised to win it all; she has a crazy amazing fan following that call themselves "Cassettes," has a Twitter fan group in the form of @CassIsBadA-- and she consistently ranks in the Top 10 on the iTunes charts. As Christina Aguilera would say, the girl's a star.

Pope's first performance of the night was one she already conquered, and one that catapulted her into essential 'Voice' stardom. 'Over You' gave Pope her first No. 1 on iTunes, and basically secured her spot on the show. Her performance of the track tonight was no different than the very first time she performed it.

Dressed in a long silver, square sequined gown, the singer stood on stage encased in a circle of lights, and accompanied by just two other musicians. There, she truly shined, surely giving viewers at home yet another reason to vote for her, even if this is the second time she's performed the song; nailing it once again.

Before her second performance, we saw Blake Shelton invite Pope and her family to his house, where they seemed to bond rather naturally. Not much was shared, but we saw how proud her mother and older sister Ashley were of her, which was a nice moment.

On stage for the second time, this time alongside her coach, the pair performed Sheryl Crow's 'Steve McQueen,' complete with a motorcycle and plaid shirts. Hey! It seems like this girl is truly embracing her country side with the twang that her voice is suddenly showing. However, despite the energy the girl has, it seemed like the low registers of the song were too low for her to hit.

In the very last performance of the night, Pope channeled her country diva again and chose Faith Hill's 'Cry,' and from the sound from rehearsals, it looks as though she was about to nail yet another performance.

Surrounded by falling leaves, she looked gorgeous in an olive green dress but sounded even better. Again, the low register of the verses didn't necessarily help her, but the girl knows how to own a chorus, because dang were her vocals powerful.

Judges Thoughts: "You accomplished everything I wanted you to accomplish on Blake's team," said Adam Levine. "I am so proud of you." Levine's words basically summed up everyone's thoughts.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow night to see who will be crowned season three's winner of 'The Voice!'

Watch Cassadee Pope + Blake Shelton Perform 'Steve McQueen' on 'The Voice'

Watch Cassadee Pope Perform 'Cry' on 'The Voice'

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