Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite "cross-over" artists. I love her latest hit on Mix "Good Girl." I could put it on repeat and not get sick of it. Her good friend and fellow musician, Steven Tyler, from Aerosmith will be teaming up for a duet.

The two performed on last years ACM awards and also for a Crossroads performance. But instead of singing each others songs, they are combining their vocal talents on one song. Apparently it's a country ballad that Aerosmith recorded last summer, and Carrie laid down her vocals a few days ago to make it a duet. Aerosmith to do a country song, this is something we need to hear! There's no word on the name of the song, but it's supposed to be on Aerosmith's next album, "Music From Another Dimension", which comes out August 28th.

Do you think Aerosmith can pull off a country ballad?

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