We have vending machines for almost everything now. You can get cupcakes, ice cream, movies, basically, if you can package it up nicely, you can get it from a vending machine.

But cars??

Yes, we may be getting a car vending machine.  You have probably seen the commercials for Carvana.  That is a car vending machine and we could be getting one of those crazy, futuristic things in Minnesota. According to a story from Bring Me the News, they have plans to come to the metro area.

The company submitted a letter of intent and a concept plan to the City of Brooklyn Center to buy a 3.5-acre, city-owned parcel at 1601 James Circle N for $2 million to build a fulfillment center, according to meeting minutes from the City Council's Jan. 10 work session.

Would you feel comfortable buying a car from a vending machine?  I get that the car buying process is tedious.  I never understand why it takes so long at the car dealership to get a deal done.  But it can be almost an all-day process.  Nobody has got time for that!  But a car vending machine??

The vending machine would feature a glass structure up to 10 stories tall to house vehicles. It would be Carvana's first vending machine in Minnesota — the closest is currently in Oak Brook, Illinois. 

There are a couple of choices that a buyer has when purchasing a vehicle in this manner.  You can either have the vehicle delivered, or go pick it up.  I wonder if it has a slot or you to put your money in and push the button for your selection with a money return button as well?  Kidding.  But seriously...

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This will be interesting if it actually happens.


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