The very very first day of school.  Did you remember to take a picture of your their new clothes..posing with smiling faces; holding their lunch box in one had, proudly wearing their backpack.

These are the moments that seem to fly by...that first morning..hectic...everyone

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So! Don't feel like your first school day photos REALLY have to be on the first day. Take photos throughout the first month!...I got some great ideas from

Excitement, nervousness, and fear can all be running thru your child's veins as well as yours.  So here are some fun photo ideas for you to take part in this month...and remember...these photos will end up being in your child graduation memory book at their Senior Grad party.  You've got 30 days to take those first Back to School shots.

Here we go!

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Buy an adult size T shirt that has your kids graduation year on it, and then take a picture every year in that same T shirt as they grow into it! Yes!

Have your child pose with a sign they made each year that says their grade. Watch as their artwork progresses.  (or not.)  Either makes for a super photo!

Sometimes a picture is awesome with the bus driving up in the background. It tells the story.

Take a mom selfie as they walk into the school from your car, if you're driving them to school.

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Look for a solid backdrop. This puts the focus on your kid!

Don't forget to take pictures with friends and cousins or other family members they attend school with!

Classroom photos can be great as well...or working at home on school projects.


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