My husband's brother is getting married this weekend and I'm trying to figure out what to wear. Normally, I'll throw on my "wedding" know, the dress we all have in the back of the closet that's designated for events like this.

But, I'm feeling like I need something new for the family photos. I was talking to a few co-workers about possible options and showing them a few dresses I liked online...but, all of the dresses I liked were black. They quickly told me that wearing black to a wedding was a BIG NO-NO.


I've never heard that before. In fact, I've only ever heard that you shouldn't wear white to someone's wedding. I'm thinking back to all of the dresses I've worn to weddings before and I know that a black dress slipped into the mix a few times. YIKES.

Is this really a thing? Have you ever heard that you're not supposed to wear black to a wedding--asking for a friend...

P.S. who makes this stuff up anyway? I think I need to send in a letter.

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