Is it possible to be too Minnesota Nice? In this case, I think so.

Last week, someone left some goodies from Great Harvest Bread Company in the break room. A very nice gesture, though, as my luck would have it, I was the last to find out. By the time I made it in to partake of the spoils only a quarter of a scone remained. Naturally, I had a little fun with it -- posting a photo to my Instagram story with a poll: "Do the Minnesotan thing and divide it or just finish it off?"

Townsquare Media Staff, Adam Rozanas

The results were an overwhelming 86% Finish It to 14% Divide It.

This morning, I walked into the break room to once again find some goodies from Great Harvest Break Company. Instead of a full box of baked goodness, though, I found the equivalent of just a couple bites of whatever had been brought in. This time around I was less than impressed.

Townsquare Media Staff, Adam Rozanas

I know it's the "Minnesotan Way," but why do we do this? Is it really considered considerate to leave scraps for the next person? Honestly, I don't mind if you just look out for yourself on this one and finish it off! If we could stop doing this, the 86% and I would be eternally grateful!

Also, as long as we're on the topic of unfortunate Minnesota habits, maybe we can also figure out four-way stops...?