Caitlyn Jenner's got the beautiful white gown thing down. The beautiful white bathing suit thing? Well, that's going to take a bit more time to sort out now that she's transitioned.

In a clip from I Am CaitJenner, who previously avoided time in a hot tub on the show out of fear of being seen in a bathing suit, decided to shelve her reservations and finally enjoy the nice weather in swimwear. But, as it's her first time showing some skin in a women's one-piece, picking the right number is more than just a matter of the right fabric or most flattering cut.

"I can't go to a beach or to a pool unless I wear one of these things anymore," Caitlyn reflects after finally deciding on a white bathing suit with help from friend Jen Richards. A second black number is a little too Kim Kardashian, they decide.

"Putting on that bathing suit represents a lot to me," Caitlyn adds. "Kinda scary because, you know, you're really exposing yourself. I am about as nervous as I can possibly be."

Still, after drumming up the nerve, the confident Cait finally makes her trip to the pool. The hard part's over, and now, she can enjoy the sunshine.

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