ST. STEPHEN -- A week into the new school year and bus drivers are already concerned about the safety of the students they pick up and drop off.

Bethany Schubert is the Vice President of Trobec's Bus Service. She says since the school year started they've already reported 15 stop arm violations to police.

We had one close call this week when I was driving. The kids were about five seconds away from the car when the car drove through. Luckily the kids jumped back but the car just sped through the stop arm without even blinking.

Schubert says they have seen an increase in stop arm violators over the past few years along all of their bus routes.

There is a one day survey done nationally, where different states report in the stop arm violations they've had. Last year, Minnesota reported 583 violations in that one day. If you break that out over the school year that's over 100,000 stop arm violations for the year.

She adds in today's fast pace world it's import to slow down when you see the flashing yellow lights not just for your safety but for the safety of our kids.

Schubert says they have been in contact with police to help catch these violators. Penalties for offenders vary from a warning up to a $500 fine.



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