The 4th of July is coming up and Minnesotans have a lot more to celebrate this year as life heads back to normal post pandemic restrictions.

Many cities and towns across our great state opted out of their traditional Independence Day firework displays in 2020 to help slow the spread of COVID-19. St. Cloud went the 'virtual' route last year as well.

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But, fireworks are back at full strength in 2021. If you plan on doing some fireworks of your own, here's what you should know.

In Minnesota, it it explodes or flies it's illegal. I know, bummer, right? That means all firecrackers, bottle rockets, missiles, roman candles and mortars and shells will get you in trouble.

If you're driving to Wisconsin to buy your 4th of July fireworks, you're probably violating the law.

But, there are fireworks that are perfectly legal in Minnesota. Any sparklers, cones and tubes that have sparks, or novelty items like snakes and party poppers are OK for your display!  If they're sold in Minnesota, chances are you're good to go!

Obviously there are some exceptions for people who have a permit issued by their local jurisdiction (think weddings, Rox games, city/public events and your huge public 4th of July display).

So, if you do violate the law, here's what you can expect. 

  • Officers can seize your illegal fireworks. Yes, even if you spent hundreds of dollars on fireworks in Wisconsin...they won't care. You're just out that money.
  • According to Minnesota Statue 624.24, "If the violation involves explosive fireworks in an amount of 35 pounds gross container weight or more, to imprisonment for not more than one year, or to payment of a fine of not more than $3,000, or both."
  • If it's less than 35 pounds, you could get up to 90 days in jail and up to a $700 fine, or both.

Stay safe, have fun and make sure you're following the law. Happy [ALMOST] 4th of July!


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