Brett Favre is a retired man. If you've ever wondered what he's been up to since leaving the Minnesota's a pretty crappy situation.

From the football field to the bathroom, Brett Favre is now the face of Poo-Pourri. In a new Facebook partnership ad, Brett Favre can be seen holding up the bathroom spray with the caption;

"In the huddle of life, you want those teammates who give a (poop emoji, football emoji)."

Everyone poops, friends...even former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. If you don't believe me, just read the book that's been written on it.

Favre's new gig has earned him hundreds of likes, shares and comments.

Jenna Smith wrote, "Brett you are awesome! And that stuff actually works!!! I've made my brother-in-law use it when he has come over!"

Alicia Kramer commented, "your s#!t don't stink, Brett! Love you man."

Chris Cartledge penned, "I love you Brett. But, really, you can hardly hold from laughing!!!!!! Your family must have put you up to that. Maybe the grandkids?"

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