The ever trusting online gossip world says Brangelina may star in another  movie together called "The Counselor." It's about a lawyer who dabbles in drug dealing, with disastrous consequences.

It was written by Cormac McCarthy, who did "No Country for Old Men." And it'll be directed by Ridley Scott, who also did "Alien" and "Blade Runner" among many other movies.

The way it sounds Brad will play a villain, and Angelina will be the female lead. Mr and Mrs. Smith Part 2? Other rumored actors to be on the bill include Javier BardemMichael Fassbender, and Natalie Portman.

Does Brad need to worry about Angie leaving him for one of the other men? Maybe, but I think he's safe! It was just announced this afternoon that the pair who have been together since 2005 have gotten engaged! Congrats to the big happy family!

Do you think they got engaged to please their fans, or are they finally ready for a big lavish wedding

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