Imagine standing on a street corner waiting to meet your friends when out of nowhere, someone comes up and shoots you in the head. That's what happened to Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords on Saturday outside a Tuscon grocery store.

Several people were shot, six were killed in the melee including a nine year old girl, and a Federal Judge. Initial reports stated that Congresswoman Giffords did not survive the shooting. Those reports were later retracted when she arrived at the hospital and it was announced that she suffered a traumatic brain injury.

A few years ago, ABC News Reporter Bob Woodruff was an embedded journalist in Iraq when the convoy he was riding with was hit by a roadside bomb. Woodruff also suffered a traumatic brain injury and came back from the brink. If anyone knows anything about hope after tragedy, it's this guy. He wrote a very interesting article on the ABC News website about his traumatic brain injury and comeback. Click here to read the article by Woodruff and others about the road to recovery following such an injury.

Please keep Giffords, the other survivors and victims in your thoughts.