Short term memory. That's what Blair Walsh needs to have looking forward to next season with Vikings.

Wide left.

You remember hearing it and having the feeling as you were just kicked in the beer gut. Imagine how Walsh, who trains for moments like that, felt after seeing the ball travel wide left.

Many Vikings "fans" took to social media mocking, even threatening the fourth year kicker out of the University of Georgia. I'll admit, even I was irate... for the rest of Sunday afternoon. Come Monday, time to move on, and I was glad to hear Walsh took ownership of the kick and DIDN'T hang his head. Instead, he let us know that he's confident in himself and will be just as confident when he steps onto U.S. Bank Stadium field next season.

In his dark time, Walsh found some major support from some very young fans.

A first-grade class from Northpoint Elementary School in Blaine wanted show support to Vikings Kicker, after a surprising missed field goal from 27-yards that would have kept the Vikings in the playoffs for (at least) one more round.

The kids from Northpoint Elementary sent Walsh cards of support, just like the one below.


Walsh, was overwhelmed by the kindness a group of KIDS could show.

And today (1/14/16) Blair Walsh went to visit the first graders from Northpoint and take thank them for all their kindness.



Walsh told the kids, “Kids like you are willing to do kind things like that for somebody you don’t even know,”... “It really meant a lot to me and I just want to say thank you.”