BLACKPINK has been making waves this year, and as the South Korean girl group gears up for their historic Coachella performance this weekend, the chatted with Beats 1's Brooke Reese about their collaborations wish list.

Rosé is a big fan of Halsey, and from the looks of social media the feeling is mutual. “She’s commented on a few of my Instagram posts and it shocked me, so maybe one day we could get together, that would be like a dream come true," she gushed. "I love her voice and seems like the sweetest person ever.”

Jennie's number one choice would be another powerful female pop star: Billie Eilish. “I really love [her] new album," she said. "She was just in Seoul for a concert, but I just missed it. I love her music.”

Lisa, unsurprisingly, would love to work with a rapper. Namely, Tyga because of "the swag." And Jisoo loved working with Dua Lipa so much on their song "Kiss and Make Up" that she'd love to collaborate with her again.

Though their preferences and inspirations are all a little different, Rosé thinks those differences are what make their group work. “I think that’s what makes us BLACKPINK," she admitted. "Like the four elements we’re all different, but that’s really what creates our synergy.”

Listen to the full clip below.

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