Apparently you're never too old for weird, wild thematic birthday parties!

Lupulin Brewing Company in Big Lake celebrated their four-year anniversary over the weekend, and their party included unicorns...sort of.

Just like the birthday parties you attended as a kid, Lupulin Brewing threw a "super soft" birthday party Saturday complete with clowns & balloon animals, face-painting, cupcakes, a street magician, a selfie-station and carnival games with grab bag prizes.

But the highlight may have been their special beer release Unicorn Spirit Animal -- a fruited ale with strawberry, pineapple and blood orange.

Missed the party? Stop in to Lupulin Brewing sometime soon; they may even have some Unicorn Spirit Animal left if you're lucky! Otherwise, be sure to try one of their sours from their brand new sour program Scribbled Lines!

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