That's the buzz around the internet today. Many thought Beyonce was going to have a Christmas baby, but she might be bringing home a bundle of joy in time for New Year's Eve.

Radar Online says that the staff of St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan have been altered that a "Celebrity V.I.P." will be giving birth there sometime in the near future, if not today.

When Beyonce first announced she was pregnant, many guessed February as her due month, but no confirmation was made. An exact due date was never said.

But, if Beyonce does welcome her baby at St. Luke's, the labor suites are apparently some of the nicest in New York. Alicia Keys also gave birth to her son, Egypt, at the hospital in 2010. The rooms offer a nice view of the Hudson River. Beyonce will have a staff of five physicians attending to her every needs. Looks like she will have the best of experience as far as scenery go. Delivery on the other hand, we wish her the best!

She's got the money to go all out on her first child. I'm surprised there are no rumors of message therapy, candles, and a Gospel Choir welcoming the birth of her baby.

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