Scams! They seem to be everywhere! I'm afraid to answer my phone anymore. If I don't recognize a number, I don't answer. That's really sad! Scams can be even MORE prevalent in the summer months. Here are some common summer scams to be aware of. Share this information especially with elderly or vulnerable people that you know.


Most people who move do it over the summer months. If you are going to try to save money and hire someone off Craigslist, or some other non commercial business, be prepared. Sometimes they will pack up all of your things and hold it hostage until you pay them what they ask. YIKES!


Yes! I want to go to Disney World! Really? You can get me tickets and a whole week vaca for $500?  Ummm....Hardly. Most of the time, you are going to see these kind of scams in your spam email. And if a deal seems to be good to be true..then it probably is. Watch out for 'Travel Clubs' that ask you to buy their membership before you can access their bogus deals.  Beware!


Has someone ever knocked on your door, and say they are doing some yard work for your neighbor, then they offer to give you the same great rate if you will sign up today? Sometimes its legit..but sometimes..IT'S NOT. Best bet...If they are trying to push you into doing it, say no.  Better yet..If you don't know whose standing on your doorstep..Don't open the door to begin with.


People list fake jobs  in places like Craigslist, or even in the newspaper. Before you can start, they will say that you have to give THEM money for tools and supplies, or will sometimes as for your credit card as a deposit. Really?!  Don't....just don.t

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