Love em or Dislike em, The Kardashians are everywhere!

This could be the best news of your day though. There is an online petition asking E! to take "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" off the air! As of this afternoon, it has almost 60,000 signatures. SIGN IT if you want The Kardashians OFF your TV! Don't be surprised if the link doesn't work right away, looks like a lot of people are on the site signing away!

Other Kim Kardashian news...

If you watch the show (I do when I need to fall asleep,) you may have seen the episode where Kim got her butt X-Ray'd to prove her tush is real. Apparently, that's not the total truth. Soon to be ex-hubby, Kris Humphries, apparently knows the truth behind "Butt-Gate." A source says,

"She uses booty pads, Spanx and other things to enhance it.  When she takes off the Spanx, the pads and everything else, it's not the same. Kris knows what the real thing looks like because he's recorded it on his cell phone camera."

The National Enquirer claims this scandal is what prompted Kim to head to Minnesota to meet with Kris face-to-face.

"Kim is all about creating illusion.  Having Kris spill the beans about how she really maintains her world-famous butt would be devastating to her."

Would it really be that big of a shock if she uses enhancements for her booty? I own up to wearing spanx to suck in my gut. Even super skinny celebs wear them. It's not a secret anymore in Hollywood that woman wear these to enhance their body. Big deal! So her butt really isn't that booty-licious, that is the least of her problems.

Again, CLICK HERE if you want The Kardashians OFF your TV!

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