The Benton County Sheriff's Office responded a very unusual call about a dinosaur at Coborn's in Sauk Rapids. Oh, you thought these prehistoric creatures were extinct? We did too.

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On their Facebook page the department wrote, "People are doing things to protect themselves recently. Staying home, wearing masks, etc. But someone took it a step further and decided to protect their whole body while grocery shopping, we received a call about a dinosaur in the grocery store today!"

Sure enough, someone was dressed up in a dinosaur costume doing a little shopping at the store. The police had to check out the situation, but the Benton County Sheriff's Office says no arrests were made.

Several online commenters have chimed in with their thoughts. Dan Bates wrote, "Why would someone call the police?? That’s awesome!!"

The dinosaur has been spotted at other places around the area recently. Trista Jones commented, "Maybe he’s my neighbor! I saw the same dino mowing his lawn the other day in Waite Park!"

We think Trista might be on to something. One thing is for sure, this dinosaur is yearning for human contact.

Keturah Elizabeth says, "this person deserves air hugs!" and the Benton County Sheriff's Office replied,  "Air hugs are good for social distancing AND I think T-Rex arms are too short for a real hug anyways...😅"


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