Tall, blond and beautiful are some words that can be describe Barbie. She's a firefighter, flight attendant and school teacher, but now she's also a cancer patient. 

I think that this is a pretty great move by Mattel. The maker of the most recognized doll in the world is now creating a doll for girls going through chemotherapy.

Mattel has decided to start manufacturing a Barbie doll that has no hair that's aimed at girls who are undergoing cancer treatments, suffer from alopecia and other illnesses, but you can't buy one at the store.

Mattel will be donating them to children's hospitals and the National Alopecia Areata Foundation.

In other doll news, kids who have a parent that's deployed overseas will now have a new way to cope with their Mom or Dad being gone.

Operation Hug A Hero has teamed up with Walmart and the American Red Cross to provide children with a doll that looks like their missing parent. The dolls will be a foot tall and the face of it will be imprinted with a photo of their Mom or Dad. The creators say that the doll is better than a picture because the kids can carry the doll around everywhere they go and they can also talk to it, play pretend with it and cuddle with it. Right now Hug a Hero has enough funding to provide one thousand dolls. You can check out the organization or donate by clicking HERE.