Reality show love. fake, for the most part. Half the contestants are there to get their name out. I at one point in time wanted to try out for the show, but said no thanks after seeing all the drama. I like drama free.

"The Bachelor" on The Wings of Love with Jake Pavelka, I thought for sure he was going to go for Ali, but her job (with Facebook) got in the way. Thankfully. I am so happy she is with Roberto. Their love seems genuine. In the end Jake picked Vienna. The most disliked woman in my opinion on the show. I was not surprised to see their love didn't last long much after the "After The Final Rose" taping. Breaking up last June. Jake claimed Vienna was cheating, Vienna called Jake a "fame wh#*e."

As much as these two despise each other, they will have to live in the same house again. "Bachelor Pad, Season Two" will feature these former lovers, along with Vienna's new man. You may remember him from "The Bachelorette" he was vying for the love of Ali Fedowsky. He inked a heart on his wrist to prove to her that he was serious about her. Crazy Kasey Kahl is now with crazy Vienna.

And if Jake hasn't been on TV enough, he's competed the cycle on. He was first on "The Bachelorette" trying to win over Jillian Harris. Then he was "The Bachelor" and will now be on "Bachelor Pad." Can't forget he was on "Dancing With The Stars" too. Dude is everywhere.

The unofficial "Bachelor Pad" cast also includes Justin Rego, who's also from Ali's season of "The Bachelorette" Erica Rose, from "Bachelor" Lorenzo Borghese's season, and Michelle Money and Jackie Gordon, who were on Brad Womack's most recent run on "The Bachelor".

Is it just me or is this just like a swap market. Everyone dates everyone else on the shows but the person they are after. It's no wonder none of these morons ever find legitimate love.  They get more money and attention playing the "Bachelor" game in CAREER MODE than in SINGLE GAME MODE.


Jake and Vienna looking so happy during the "After The Rose" segment.

Jake and Vienna not so happy a few months later.

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