The presiding officer had to remind remote members to mute their mics.

During a Minnesota House of Representatives meeting Friday night, a remote member joining from home was caught on mic saying using some less than professional language. Peter Callaghan, staff writer for MinnPost, reported the incident on Twitter.

"Hot mic in the MN House tonight: 'Bull**** balls. S***, I got to go hook up my voter thing. D*** it, d*** it, d*** it.'"

Callaghan followed the tweet up with a second and third: "In response, presiding officer said: 'Just a reminder members remote. Please mute yourself.'" "I would list this under Taken Out of Context in the House but I'm not really sure what the context was."

When asked which House member reportedly said it, Callaghan indicated that he only knew it was a woman. "Female is all I've got. Didn't recognize beyond that."

Callaghan concluded his Twitter thread report with "Final vote was 127 ayes, 1 no and 1 Bull**** Balls."

"That sounds like second-grader cursing," commented one person on Twitter. "Where they have not yet learned the proper combination of curse words. S*** Hole. A** B****er."

"Very South Park," observed another.

"Not gonna lie, that would 100% be me," shared one Redditor. "I learned early on to obsessively check if my camera and mic were on or off. Apparently everyone once spent a whole seminar watching me water my garden and play with my chickens as I listened via headphones. Didn't realize my pockets had turned the camera on..."

Consider this a reminder: always check your mic and camera settings before you let something fly!

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