Avril Lavigne is getting into the holiday spirit in a new video, which shows the pop star making Christmas cookies and discussing her career.

The MTV Buzzworthy clip sets the ‘Wish You Were Here’ singer up with pre-made delights, as well as an array of decorating items so she can let her creativity run wild. While icing snowflake- and stocking-shaped cookies, she talks about everything from the holidays to what she’s looking forward to next year.

“I kind of got my start singing Christmas music, because I started singing at church when I was younger,” Lavigne says. “I was in the Christmas concert and the Christmas Cantata.”

The singer reveals that chef knives are on her wish list this year, and admits she’s received some amazing but also amazingly strange gifts from fans over the years. One of the weirdest items was a wedding dress from a Korean fan, countered by a cherished fanmade photo album, which spans her entire career.

As for the new year, Lavigne has a lot to forward to. “My whole vibe is ‘work hard, play hard,’ and I’m really excited for next year, 2012,” she adds. “Just mixing it up with music, maybe some acting and designing clothes is what I’m looking forward to doing — and expanding the Avril Lavigne Foundation.”

Watch Avril Lavigne Make Christmas Cookies

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