Avril Lavigne had to go and make things complicated Saturday during a live post-game performance at Florida's Tropicana Field.

Lavigne - who was there to to entertain fans after the Tampa Bay Rays lost 7-3 to the Cleveland Indians - reportedly encountered a microphone glitch at the beginning of her set, prompting her to say, "f--king happens on a baseball field" to the family-friendly crowd of 26,000. Members of the crowd understandably responded with boos.

The 26-year-old singer later apologized to the crowd, saying, "We just had so much fun tonight and we want to take the tirade out and say thank you to the Tampa Bay Rays!. I'm truly sorry if anyone was offended by my language."

But apparently, that wasn't enough. A spokesperson for the Rays issued his own statement, saying, "The Rays demand profanity-free performances from all of our concert performers, and we are extremely disappointed by the language used in last night's show. It is not consistent with the atmosphere that Tropicana Field is known for."

Check out the awkward moment below, then sound off: Did Avril Lavivne go too far?