ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- The roads are starting to get slippery and it means it's time to break out those winter driving skills. Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Jesse Grabow says it's the age-old message to slow down and give yourself more time.

He says you can lose traction at a moment's notice and find yourself spinning out...

When the vehicle starts to lose control, your back end is going to break loose. When your back end starts to break loose and the back end of your vehicle starts going right, you want to put a little bit of steer into the right. Now, not too much. That's the magic answer right there as far as what do we do. It's all about finding that right amount because what can happen if you overcorrect or overreact, again that can make the situation that much worse.

Also, it's the time of year when we should keep the cruise control off, especially in certain situations...

Be wary of bridge decks, overpasses, ramps, and even intersections. They tend to be a little more slick. And, that's another good thing...keep the cruise control off.

Grabow says you can avoid spinning out if you take it slower especially by slowing down before a turn, not as you are attempting a turn.

If you need more reasons to slow down, most auto body shops are booked out at least a month, so getting your car fixed will take more time than in the past.




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