Update: Chief Jansky with the Belgrade/Brooten Police Department says the juvenile involved in vandalizing the Brooten Pavilion turned themself in. "We will be getting the information and dealing with the juvenile as said," stated Jansky. 

The Belgrade/Brooten Police Department is looking for the vandal(s) who left the Brooten Pavilion trashed overnight Wednesday.

The department shared several photos to their official Facebook page on June 30 which show substantial damage done to the inside of the venue.

There's toilet paper strung out on the floor along with what appears to be dirt or black spray paint on the ground. Various items, trash and water appear to be spread throughout the venue.

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The bathroom area also had what looks to be a foaming soap spread on the mirror and an unidentifiable substance smeared on the wall.

According to the police department, "pictures show just a small amount of the damage." They went on to say, "Judging by the water damage and such it looks to be close to a felony crime damage amount."

Authorities seem to believe the suspects are juveniles, so they're asking parents in the area to question their children's whereabouts.

If the suspects come forward on their own, police say they'll work with them instead of charging them. The Facebook post mentioned that whoever did the damage left enough evidence behind to be identified.

"So come forward and we'll work with you on this or wait and we will find out and you will be charged," wrote the Belgrade/Brooten Police Department.

The photos have been shared on Facebook hundreds of times gaining hundreds of reactions from the community.

April Petersen wrote, "Commendable of the city to work with the kids and families to correct this. Teaching a lesson on respect and forgiveness."

Scott Gafkjen said, "If who did this has seen this post they should turn themselves in right now because the police probably already know who did it."

Nancy Knudsvig Walz commented, "Very sad! I hope they do the right thing and come forward."

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