WAITE PARK -- You can sign your son or daughter up for GREAT Theatre’s 2017 Summer Theatre Camp this week. Registration for season ticket holders open's Monday, with registration for everyone else opening Wednesday.

The camps are available to kids of all skill levels from ages 3 to 18.

GREAT Theatre Executive Director Dennis Whipple says it's the most fun your kid will have indoors this summer.

"For our kids looking for a creative experience in being a character other then themselves, it's a really great experience," says Whipple.

The camps are designed to build confidence for young actors/actresses, while also having fun. Whipple says they have several wonderful performances lined up for kids of all skill levels.

"For our 8-14 kids we have Disney's The Lion King Kids, for our play in a week we are bringing back Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio, and for our youngest actors we are bringing the Hungry Caterpillar," says Whipple.

Last year they had over 1,800 kids register throughout their 16 locations around Central Minnesota.

GREAT Theatres Summer Camps run weekly from June 5th to August 4th.