I had an idea to create a dating, connecting, friendship making website for people with Aspergers; Luckily, someone beat me to the punch; and people that are much more qualified to create this site.


Aspieology.com is a dating/friendship/businesspartnership type of website; unique and highly popular with those on the Autism Spectrum. Aspies have their OWN way of doing things; their own unique way of experiencing the world. Aspieology.com was created by those very people, and you can tell when you see the site.


  • 100% Aspie-made.  Members love it because it helps people embrace their A typical nature. It was launched in 2015 and they've been growing ever since.
  • Autism Friendly Design.  They have minimalistic design and colors, so it's easy on the eyes for a more soothing experience.
  • Aspieography. Profiles emphasize your traits and unique way of experiencing the world.
  • Aspie Quiz. You can take a popular 12 question quiz and unlock your hidden behavior preferences.
  • Zero Troll Policy. They care about your experience and actively monitor for suspicious characters.
  • They support green energy. Aspieology is hosted entirely from energy harvested from the sun.
  • Free or Prepaid. You can enjoy the most popular features for free, and pay to unlock some extra cool stuff.
  • Free Live Chat or private messaging.
  • Pet and Nature photos can be used for your picture if you don't want to post one.


Perhaps the best advantage to this site is their goal; To inspire human connection and success within the asperger community.



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