We all know Ashton Kutcher is taking over  "Two and a Half Men" this fall. He won't be the new Charlie Harper, but will be living in his home. It's been confirmed that Charlie's funeral will kick off the new season, with Ashton moving into the beach home.

The first episode hasn't even aired yet, but Ashton is already the NEW Highest-Paid Sitcom Star! According to "TV Guide", Ashton will pull down $700,000 per episode. Which equals big savings for CBS. Charlie was making somewhere between $1.2-$2 Million per episode! CBS is paying somewhere between $12 million and $31.2 million LESS by replacing Charlie with Ashton.

"TV Guide" is publishing a full rundown of TV salaries in this week's issue, which comes out tomorrow.  Here are a few other highlights from their report: Please be sitting while you check over the list!

"House" star Hugh Laurie is making Ashton money at $700,000 an episode.

Ted Danson was given $225,000 to join "CSI"

Kiefer Sutherland and Tim Allen return to TV this season. Both with salaries of $225,000 an episode.

Here is the "News" side of salaries:

Matt Lauer makes $17 Million a year.

Brian Williams makes $13 Million a year.

Diane Sawyer makes $12 Million a year.

Anderson Cooper makes $11 Million a year.

Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann make $10 Million a year.

Are they really worth THAT much money? I can't even imagine making that amount. It's seems way too ridiculous! Even Snooki from "Jersey Shore" makes $100,000 per episode. Really America?! How about we turn off the TV, head outside and enjoy our lives. Yes, we all need to make a living, but I think we could save our Country and have these people get paid less. That's just my own personal thoughts.

I don't remember watching that much TV as a child. Always outside playing and not caring what the hot new TV show was. I want to be 10 again.

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