The 9th Season of Two & 1/2 Men will go on -without Charlie Sheen and WITH Demi Moore's boy-toy Ashton Kutcher.

In the comments section below, tell us if you think Ashton is a good choice.

In a press release from CBS and posted on TMZ, The Twitter-King said, "I can't wait to get to work with this ridiculously talented 2.5 team and I believe we can fill the stage with laughter that will echo in viewers homes" He added, "I can't replace Charlie.."

The release also states the show will be revamped and re-tooled, but offered no details on what that would entail.


Personally we're hoping it makes the show even more watchable. We liked Sheen in that role, but the consensus in the halls at MIX is that he's a great choice. Maybe he'll reprise his 'That 70's Show' Kelso persona and they can call the new show Two & 1/2 Dudes!

Kutcher's next work, set for release in December - presumably just as his role in 2.5 begins- is a movie directed by Garry Marshall entitled 'New Year's Eve'