If you were to describe Minnesota in just a few select words, what words immediately come to mind? Each of you more than likely have a few that are different, but you probably also have a few that are the exact same. Lets play a little game, you get five words to describe Minnesota, no sentences, just words. No more and no less, five words and GO! I'll even play along:

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  1. Uffda
  2. Hotdish
  3. Hockey
  4. Lakes
  5. Cold-Winters

What did you come up with?

The reason I ask this is because it wasn't all that long ago Shane Co. put AI (artificial intelligence) to the challenge of depicting each state via one photo and see how it would do. But I am sure you are wondering, how did they get the words for each state?

What exactly was their "Methodology", as they called it? They explained they "asked Reddit users in all 50 states and DC to describe their home state using a few keywords". Kind of like what I asked above. Give descriptive words of what you think explains Minnesota.

The AI they used was Craiyon to create a picture and then it was up to you to look at the different photos from each region of the United States and see if you can figure out which state is which. After looking at the photos you can click on it to get the correct state and the key words that were used. Here's a few from the Midwest...lets see if you can guess these four!

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Image Credit: Craiyon via Shane Co.
Image Credit: Craiyon via Shane Co.
Image Credit: Craiyon via Shane Co.
Image Credit: Craiyon via Shane Co.

Were you able to guess the buffalo was North Dakota? Any Minnesota Vikings fan figured out the green and gold came from Wisconsin. Yes, Judy Garland may originally be from Minnesota, born in Grand Rapids, MN, but Wizard of OZ screams Kansas and lastly if you guessed the picture with someone playing hockey while a white tail deer stares at them was Minnesota, you'd be spot on.

The three keywords they fed the artificial intelligence to depict Minnesota was "hockey, pond and white tail deer".

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What do you think, pretty accurate? Those are definitely three words a person could use to describe Minnesota and if you went through each of the pictures out of the Midwest, you'd probably be able to figure out the states the AI put together.

All and all, it isn't wrong, I just think we could all think of more that could go in the picture, but at the end of the day it isn't wrong, it just could be better. That's what I'm going with. What do you think?

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